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DSM July 14, 2016

The mantra of the day is “Just Show Up.” It’s so easy to let your fears sidetrack you and put you in avoidance behavior. Yet, when you “Just show up” your heart is saying to those fears, “Move away. I’ve got this handled.”

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DSM July 15, 2016

Sometimes it might seem like you’re walking your spiritual path alone. However, this isn’t true. Every soul gracing this earth is on the same spiritual path. They may just be walking a different pace. Remember, there is always someone who is leading the way. You leader you!!!

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DSM July 1, 2016

Have you ever thought about inviting your fears to dinner? Just you and them sitting and chatting. If you haven’t, try it. You’ll learn a lot about what they are. Why they were created. The purpose they serve, and why it’s so hard to let them go. The greatest benefit from spending time with your […]