Archive | November, 2015

DSM Dec 30, 2015

Life is just one big experience. Rich with opportunity. Full of unlimited potential, and everyday offers you the chance to prove to yourself just how courageous, inspirational, remarkable, and magnificent you really are. I love those qualities about you 🙂

DSM Dec 29, 2015

Thoughts form your reality. They focus the mind’s attention. They cleverly attract the emotions that support them, and they create the attitudes that color how you see life. Choose them wisely, for they can create the life you imagine, or they can wreck havoc in your life.

DSM Dec 22, 2015

Being kind is the greatest gift you can share with others. It’s truly paying it forward. Your kindness becomes someone else’s kindness, and their kindness becomes others. Perhaps, something as simple as a single act of kindness can change the world.

DSM Dec 18, 2015

Are you aware that every person you know and that you’ll meet is part of your life work?Yep! Even those who aren’t like you, don’t share your same values, and are difficult.The people who are like you are your reward. The people who are different are your teachers.